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Nov 24

Fostering A Psychologically Safe Environment

November 24, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Thursday 24th November 2022

Who would you rather work with: a friend or foe?
The science of human connection shows that trust and effective teamwork require team members to feel psychologically safe in the work environment. Project Aristotle was a two year team performance research study carried out at Google, which revealed that the highest performing teams have one thing in common, Psychological safety – the belief that they won’t be punished if they make a mistake, which allows team members to speak out, to be creative and take moderate risk without fear of retribution. Feeling safe reduces the stress of getting through the day, so team members can show up as themselves and focus their energy on performing at their best.

In this interactive webinar we will discuss:
•   What psychological safety is and is not
•   How to tell if a team is safe or unsafe
•   The science of psychological safety
•   Creating psychological safe environments
•   Building interpersonal trust
•   Practical tips for facilitating psychological safety at work

You should attend this webinar if:
•   You are a leader, responsible for your teams performance and wellbeing
•   You would like to facilitate high performance in your organisation
•   You would like to know more about psychological safety in practice
•   You would like to become a more effective leader
•   You are responsible for developing leaders in your organisation

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