We Are Back

This month we have returned to the classroom with our live Jigsaw Discovery Team Building and Leadership Experiences. As organisations are starting to bring more team members back into the workplace, the appetite for in-person learning is increasing, but for many organisations it is not a case of in-person vs virtual, as they recognise that whilst some employees are eager to get back in the classroom with their colleagues, they also understand that not all employees are going to feel comfortable being part of an in-person event at this stage. The team at Jigsaw Discovery, are working hard to help learning and development professionals implement a hybrid learning strategy. All of our learning experiences are available as in-person or virtual learning experiences. Contact us now to find out more about how we are making our in-person events Covid-19 safe and how we can support you in offering your employees the peace of mind to attend either an in-person or virtual learning event, dependent upon their individual preference.

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