About the Jigsaw Discovery Tool


Jigsaw Discovery provide powerful and innovative behavioural profiling and learning experiences all around the world

Our Story

Created in the UK and delivered worldwide

Jigsaw Discovery was founded in 2001 by Michelle McArthur-Morgan and Keith Nicholson based upon their extensive knowledge of designing and delivering learning solutions in the public and private sectors. This is reinforced by a lifetime of management experience leading award-winning teams.

Michelle and Keith, often referred to as the Morecombe and Wise of the training world, made the perfect team. Michelle is the academic, with her knowledge of neuro and behavioural science, and Keith was the innovator.

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool was first launched in 2008. It has developed quickly, expanding onto the world stage and providing learning experiences that make a difference for businesses around the globe, through our network of international training partners.

Founding Partners & Creators of The Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Our Vision

A new, better normal

We see the opportunity for a better normal in the workplace and life in general. One that is more communicative and enabling, where everyone has a voice and is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We are committed to  unleashing the potential of individual’s and teams to maximise performance, health and happiness.

Our Mission

Building adaptive, resilient, and inclusive organisations

We aim to support people in developing increased levels of self-awareness and understanding of others.

We do this by distilling behavioural science into accessible, actionable strategies, providing a framework for understanding, then helping team members and leaders apply their newfound insights and learning.

The result is emotionally intelligent organisations with a more adaptive, resilient and inclusive workforce.

Our Values

Creating clarity in a complex and uncertain world and helping our clients find understanding.

Valuing Difference we are curious and non-judgmental and make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and valued

Enabling growth by generating powerful insights, enabling creativity and innovation.

Facilitating Change by supporting the development of new habits and behaviours with our brain-based learning experiences.

Jigsaw Discovery Experiences

Jigsaw Discovery Experiences provide powerful, coherent learning pathways to organisational success on your’ terms.

Available as classroom-based training or virtual workshop experiences

Starting with the Jigsaw Discovery Foundation experience, organisations can build a bespoke pathway to success by choosing from a number of skills development modules. These build on the foundations, strengthening and further developing the key behaviours required to build sustainable and profitable businesses in the new norm.

Introducing our International Partner

Ignite Training, based in the UAE, became our International partner in 2016. Russell Overy of Ignite, is a Master Practitioner for the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and heads up the International Office in Dubai.

Client Testimonials

“What we could not have anticipated was the sheer fun of the two days of training and the huge boost to the commitment, enthusiasm, pride in the College, respect for colleagues and embracing of a common vision that resulted. The profiling work was never threatening, although we all learned a great deal about our own and our colleagues’ behaviours.

The coaching in communication was never tedious, although certain important messages came through loud and clear – messages that, if handled differently, might have switched off some participants and been counter-productive. The highly creative exercises challenged and tested us and drove home very valuable lessons without ever risking melt-down.”

Keble College, Oxford University

“Personally I believe that (The Jigsaw Discovery Tool) should be an intrinsic part of everything that is done within an organisation and … how you interact with your customers, understanding and managing their expectations and providing them with a tailored, individual experience. The tool reaches deep into the heart of a business, as its employees are human beings and human beings have their own preferences of behavioural, experience, communication styles and systems of working. By understanding what sits behind and drives that, you can work more efficiently … collectively and cohesively. From choosing the best people to work on a project at each stage, to understanding how to influence in a manner that achieves the desired results to de-escalating conflict, recruitment, time management, leadership and so much more. Jigsaw is an essential tool to have access to and has the potential to be transformative to the operation of an organisation.”

Transport for Wales


Is the Jigsaw Discovery Certification available as an open programme?

Yes- the Jigsaw Discovery Tool Certification programme is delivered as an open workshop and we offer dates for both virtual and in-person open programmes

Complete our contact form to receive further details and dates of our open Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme

I would like to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Tool to my learners, how do I get started?

The first step is to contact the Jigsaw Discovery Team to arrange an initial online call, where a member of our team will answer your questions, discuss the options available for becoming a certified practitioner and licensee.

We will then send you a detailed proposal which will include details of the certification process, availability of dates, and a the investment required.

Then all you have to do is to let us know:

  • how many participants will be attending the certification workshop?
  • your preferred dates for the workshop
  • the number of Jigsaw Facilitators Kits you would like?
  • The number of Participant Packs you would like to get started?

Email us with your Purchase Order and we’ll send you an invoice to reflect your needs.

We confirm the details back to you and then all you have to do is attend and successfully complete the certification workshop

You can then begin delivering the Jigsaw Discovery Learning Experiences and inspire individual’s and teams to enhance their performance and future-proof their skills.