Become a Practitioner

Become a Practitioner

Learning Consultants

As a certified learning consultant, you will see positive results from the Jigsaw Discovery Tool as definitively as your clients do.

  • More business from clients interested by this exciting and valuable new product.
  • Differentiate from competitors with a fresh, engaging, research-based offering.
  • Repeat business from clients who feel the benefit immediately and gain added value constantly.
  • Scale up with beneficial partnership opportunities
  • Simplify with one jigsaw, one logic and one methodology at the heart of the programme.
  • Diversify, applying the tool to any department, sector, nationality and people situation.
  • Increased margins on learning experiences.
  • Gain authority as the knowledgeable practitioner of a scientific based, development methodology.

The Certification

The Certification Programme will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver Jigsaw Discovery Experiences and apply the behavioural framework to everyday business challenges. 

In learning about the behavioural framework and the delivery of Jigsaw Discovery Experiences, you will also benefit from your own powerful personal development, as you learn about your strengths and behavioural preferences. You will receive coaching from our master facilitators to help you apply your knowledge and understanding to enable teams and individuals to perform at their best.

The Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme is suitable for experienced facilitators and coaches, but also for team leaders and managers with no prior development experience. An interest in helping teams better understand themselves and others in order to enhance performance and build better businesses is all that is needed.

During the certification, you will be guided along your personal journeys of discovery with the support of a wealth of proven activities and resources that are grounded in neuroscience. 

The certification is delivered as an in-person or virtual, blended learning experience and is available as an in-house event if your organisation has a team of people who would like to be certified.

After the learning experiences comes an online assessment and a follow-up coaching session.

New Knowledge and Skills

As a certified practitioner you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to:

  • Effectively tackle the everyday business challenges of living and working in a disruptive world
  • Create a culture of engagement and wellbeing within your own or your clients’ organisations

Practitioner Support

Becoming a certified Jigsaw practitioner is only the beginning of your partnership with Jigsaw Discovery. Our practitioners are valued ambassadors of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and Learning Experiences and supporting them is our number one priority.


  • As a certified practitioner, you will become part of a global community benefiting from sharing experiences and joining the conversation with other practitioners in our private online community
  • We will be at your side. Our dedicated team of experienced learning professionals are on hand if and when you need us for a little guidance, or to support you in delivering your first workshops.
  • Your online community site is where you can access and find the very latest Jigsaw resources, along with other useful articles and links to external resources we think may be of interest and help
  • We believe in keeping the learning alive, by delivering webinars to help you address current challenges you and your team may be facing
  • We will provide you with access to promotional flyers, brochures, videos and other marketing resources to help you promote your Jigsaw Discovery Learning Experiences.


“No doubt about it. The best tool that is available in the market and business environment today. Use it and see the difference today!”

Excellence Edge International

“I am so impressed by the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and excited by the possibilities of its application in a fun way, making learning easier but also making it stick. It is a wonderful tool to understand yourself as well as those you work or interact with. It is so insightful and so well received.”

Unlock your Wellbeing

Q. What Criteria do Practitioners need to meet?

When evaluating learning consultants as a potential practitioner, we consider a number of different factors to ensure consistently high standards for both the delivery and distribution of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool in each geographical region.

Here are some of the factors:

  • Reputable training providers in respective regions
  • A solid client base
  • Credentials and experience of the facilitator or consultant
  • Ability to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and Learning Experiences to the highest standard
  • A plan of how they intend to integrate the tool with current offerings

Q. Is the Jigsaw Discovery Certification available as an open programme?

Yes- the Jigsaw Discovery Tool Certification programme is delivered as an open workshop, and we offer dates for both virtual and in-person open programmes

Complete our contact form to receive further details and dates of our open Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme