Why the Jigsaw Discovery Tool Stands Out

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is unique, using psychological and neuroscientific concepts to achieve tangible results for individuals with less admin and more discoveries.

Refreshingly Different

Now delivered virtually or in person

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool works unlike any other comparable programme, with more interactivity, dynamism and seamless self-discovery. Where many such tools involve filling out long questionnaires, adding up numbers and waiting for computer generated reports, Jigsaw Discovery lets individuals and teams learn as they participate, discovering important and interesting truths about themselves as they  engage with our tools and activities.

Jigsaw Discovery is one of the first learning experiences to apply cutting-edge revelations from neuroscience and psychology to improving the performance of individuals and teams.

Clients have the confidence that they are investing in something guaranteed to give real returns in terms of engagement, productivity and effective teamworking.


  • Based on cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology
  • Yields tangible results
  • More discovery, less interrogation
  • Practitioners are valuable guides, not just deliverers

Benefits on all levels

An innovative new self-awareness training method, using psychology and neuroscience to help professionals and organisations perform better.

It helps individuals

  • Be more confident and comfortable in working relationships

  • Be more aware of the impact of their communications and behaviours on others

  • Better understand why others behave as they do and anticipate their reactions

  • Develop a flexible approach to working styles, communication patterns and behaviour

  • Manage conflict effectively and resolve issues that arise.

  • Accommodate and appreciate the qualities of others

  • Reduce stress and pressure in the workplace

It helps managers

  • Performance manage
  • Coach and conduct appraisals
  • Job design
  • Build new teams
  • Lead and motivate staff
  • Manage difficult behaviour
  • Value diversity

It helps organisations

  • Improve communication and relationships
  • Develop teamwork
  • Improve leadership capabilities
  • Reinforce or change corporate culture
  • Manage change Initiatives

Built on leading-edge science

When we consider aspects of our own mind like pieces of a jigsaw, it gives us the opportunity to focus on our conscious behavioural preferences. Through the process of plasticity of the brain, we can then develop those behaviours that are outside of our natural preference. This enables us to flexibly adapt our behaviours to the many and diverse situations we encounter as individuals and teams on a daily basis.

This approach combines perfectly with the views of  leading psychologists on how we can review and develop our mental and behavioural processes to improve our performance in specific areas. With the help of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, our behaviours can be like a complete jigsaw, allowing us to see the bigger picture and navigate around our personal behavioural maps.

This is the psychological and neuroscientific logic on which Jigsaw Discovery is founded. The processes are at the heart of modern scientific understanding in these two fields and it provides a concrete foundation for your success and ours.

Tangible results for client and practitioner

As a practitioner, you will see positive results from the Jigsaw Discovery Tool as definitively as your clients do.
  • More business from clients interested by this exciting and valuable new product.
  • Differentiate from competitors with a fresh, engaging, research-based offering.
  • Repeat business from clients who feel the benefit immediately and gain added value constantly.
  • Scale up with beneficial partnership opportunities
  • Simplify with one jigsaw, one logic and one methodology at the heart of the programme.
  • Diversify, applying the tool to any department, sector and situation.
  • Add margin to Jigsaw resources.
  • Gain authority as the knowledgeable practitioner of a scientific based development methodology.

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