Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions

Jigsaw Discovery Experiences are innovative and interactive self-awareness and behavioural skills development programmes

Jigsaw Discovery Experiences

Jigsaw Discovery Experiences provide a coherent learning pathway.

Starting with the Jigsaw Discovery Foundation experience, organisations can build a bespoke learning pathway by choosing from a number of skills development modules, which build on the foundations, strengthening and further developing the key behaviours required to build sustainable and profitable businesses in the new norm.

Pieces of the Jigsaw: The experiences as part of the learning pathway

The individual learning solutions

Managing Your Wellbeing

Self- awareness is the foundation of wellbeing. Our wellbeing learning experiences focus on how learners can apply their understanding of their behavioural preferences to raise their awareness of situations which make them feel anxious and raise their stress levels. They also learn about the strategies and coping mechanisms that will work for them.

Effective Teamworking in the New Normal

This workshop is suitable for both virtual and co-located teams and addresses the challenges they face as a team. The learning experience helps them to establish team norms and expectations and develop effective ways of becoming a high performing team, based upon their individual and collective team profiles.

Resilience in a Digital World

With the sudden and dramatic rise in the number of individuals working remotely and the impact of being constantly connected to the outside world digitally, the need for individuals to raise their levels of resilience has never been greater. In this learning experience learners look at ways they can improve their ability to remain focused and productive for longer periods of time, be less distracted by their environment and cope with unforeseen challenges whilst working in isolation or being distanced from their colleagues

Remote Working and Behavioural Preference

Designed specifically for team members and managers responsible for leading a remote team. The learning experience focuses upon how different behavioural preferences impact upon the way the individual experiences remote working, the challenges facing remote teams and managers and sustainable ways of maintaining productivity and effectiveness.

Thriving in a Changing Workplace

Our learning experience isn’t focused upon processes but on growing the potential of your people, to help and support them to adjust to a changing workplace. Building on the learning of their Jigsaw Behavioural Maps, learners consider how different people experience and respond to change in different ways. Learners explore how they prefer to communicate and be communicated with, how they prefer to engage with the changes taking place and what they need in order to make sense of the change in their world, and move forward.

Communicating in a Digital World 

Our ability to communicate effectively has never been so critical, as we are more and more reliant on technology and digital communication. The digital world may have enhanced the way we communicate but it is not without its pitfalls which can lead to increased frustration and misunderstandings. Building on the behavioural preferences learners explore the different communication preferences, giving consideration to the communication medium, the words chosen, and the level of detail and type of information given. Learners develop ways of making engaging connections and explore the new skill of digital body language and connectional intelligence.

Leadership Success

Research supports the correlation between increased self-awareness and leadership success, which is why our leadership experience builds upon the behavioural preferences, helping leaders to understand themselves and their leadership style more clearly. The learning experience, also helps leaders to understand their team members and others they work with better, by bringing clarity around the needs and expectations of others and how they can develop a more flexible leadership style which can be adapted in the moment to align to the specific situation

Customer Service that shows you care

Building strong customer relationships is the life blood of any organisation. The starting point for this learning experience is self-awareness and understanding of how our individual behavioural and communication preferences may be perceived by both our internal and external customers. Learners spend time focusing upon how they can recognise the preferences of other people within just a few seconds of seeing or speaking to them, meaning that they can then deliver a very personalised service, tailored to accommodate the unspoken needs of how the individual prefers to be approached and served, getting rid of the “false smiles” and robotic “have a nice day”

Client Testimonials

“Everyone stayed involved throughout, because they were able to easily relate to the content.
Understanding what drives other people has certainly made me look at my attitude towards
others and will make me more understanding of our differences and empathetic of their needs.”


“We have never received such a response to Customer Care workshops before, we need to put extra dates in the diary as all of our original workshops are already oversubscribed.”

Oxford University Library services

“Such a fun and interactive session! You get to create a self-profile and watch others builds theirs, the results are surprising!
Jigsaw is a must have tool that builds the basics for Learning & Development, we finally understand how people work and how to work with them!”

Air Arabia

Q: Do Learners have to complete the Jigsaw Discovery Foundation experience, before completing other modules on the learning pathway?

  • Yes – the Jigsaw Discovery Foundation experience is where learners are guided along their journey of self-discovery, they create their personal Behavioural Map and learn valuable insights and understanding of their own behavioural preferences and how to apply their new found knowledge to their work, leading to the formation of positive relationships, flexible and adaptable responses to workplace challenges increased collaboration and enhanced team working and performance.
    Once learners have completed the Jigsaw Discovery Foundation experience, they can then choose from a number of Jigsaw Discovery modules on the learning pathway. Learners may complete one or all modules on their journey of personal and professional development.