License the Jigsaw

License the Jigsaw

Corporate  Licenses

As a corporate licensee of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool you will see:


  • Improved teamwork. Employees come to understand each other in ways they haven’t before, finding new ways to work together effectively.
  • Connect better with stakeholders and customers. Improved understanding goes beyond your organisation. Attract and convert more customers and build better partnerships.
  • Tangible, valuable results. See your staff develop, experience improved performance and productivity and benefit from increased profits thanks to a workforce working to the best of their abilities.
  • Simplify with one jigsaw, one logic and one methodology at the heart of the programme.
  • Adapt, by applying the learning to any situation, team, department or nationality.
  • Knowing yourself better means working and relating better. That means a boost in the output and effectivity of the whole organisation.

Your Organisation’s Missing Piece?

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool could be the missing piece your organisation has been looking for

Innovative and exciting

Based on cutting-edge psychological and neuroscientific concepts, the assessments are guaranteed to lead to real development.

Dynamic and engaging

Sessions  enable learners to get involved in something new, and different with positive results that go far beyond the learning experience.

Attractive and profitable

The experiences are instantly engaging and rewarding, leading to returns that stretch from your people to your revenue.

The Certification

The certification programme will equip your Learning and Development Team with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Experience and apply the Jigsaw Discovery Behavioural Framework to everyday business challenges.

In learning about behavioural profiling and the delivery of Jigsaw Discovery Experiences, your colleagues will also benefit from their own powerful personal development, as they learn about their own and their colleagues strengths and behavioural preferences. As part of The Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme they will receive coaching from our master facilitators to help them apply their knowledge and understanding to enable teams and individuals to perform at their best.

During the certification workshop, your colleagues will be guided along their personal journeys of discovery with the support of a wealth of proven activities and resources that are grounded in neuroscience.

The Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme is delivered as an in-person or virtual, blended learning experience and is available as an in-house event if your organisation has a team of people who would like to be certified to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Experiences.

To complete the Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme there is an online assessment and a follow-up coaching session.

Join Our Global Community

Becoming a certified facilitator is only the beginning. Your facilitators journey continues as:

  • They will become part of a global community benefiting from sharing experiences and joining the conversation with other facilitators in our private online community
  • We will be on hand if and when they need us for a little guidance or support
  • They will have access to the very latest Jigsaw Discovery learning materials and resources
  • We believe in keeping the Jigsaw Discovery Learning journey alive, by delivering webinars to help your facilitators extend their personal knowledge to help them address current workplace challenges and support team and organizational development.


“We have found Jigsaw Discovery a very useful resource. Team leaders have found it helpful to identify how to communicate with team members and speaking about colours has become part of our common language and culture. It has been an extremely useful tool and we aim to use it with more of our teams in the future.”

Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership

“Following our initial roll-out of Jigsaw we noticed that people were much more aware of themselves and their impact on others. Through learning about the different ‘colours’ they appreciated that everybody is different and that this is not a source of weakness, but one of strength.

Now people know they may need to adapt their behaviours in order to interact with others and we believe this has impacted on teamwork, communication and strengthened relationships overall.“

Dubai Aluminium


Q. Who is the Jigsaw Discovery Tool Certification programme for?

The Jigsaw Discovery Certification programme is suitable for experienced facilitators and coaches, but also for team leaders and managers with no prior development experience. An interest in helping teams better understand themselves and others in order to enhance performance and build better businesses is all that is needed

Q. Is the Jigsaw Discovery Tool Certification programme delivered virtually?

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool Certification programme is available in the following delivery options

  • In-house in-person workshop
  • In-house virtual workshop

The in-house options are available for organisations who have a number of colleagues they would like to become certified to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and Learning Experiences

  • Open virtual workshop
  • Open in-person workshop

The open workshop options are appropriate for organisations who have one or two colleagues to be certified to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and Learning Experiences

Please complete a contact form for further details and dates of our open workshops