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Teams and organisations are like jigsaws with many different individual pieces making up the whole. Each team member is a unique jigsaw in themselves.

To perform to the best of our abilities and succeed, organisations, teams and individuals must understand their jigsaws and those of colleagues, clients, family and friends.

To work together effectively in teams and organisations, we must be able to see beyond the similarities and value our differences, creating psychologically safe environments to work in. Only then can the groups we create work at maximum efficiency and perform to the best of their ability.

We work with co-located or remote teams, delivering Jigsaw Discovery Learning Experiences in-person or virtually.

Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Innovation in Personal Development

Jigsaw Discovery use evidence-based psychology and neuroscience to help individuals, teams and organisations perform better. We have designed a new learning pathway of self-awareness and skills development learning experiences to do this, based upon our innovative Jigsaw Discovery Tool and behavioural framework.

Guide your learners to success through individual and team-based behavioural profiling activities and development of self-awareness and understanding of others that is:

  • Simple to access
  • Fun
  • Dynamic
  • Valuable
  • Practical
  • Memorable
  • Research-backed

Become a certified Jigsaw Discovery Tool Practitioner and you will be an essential guide on this journey of discovery, showing learners how their unique jigsaws fit into the bigger picture of the team and the organisation.

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