Virtual Solutions

Virtual Solutions

Jigsaw Discovery has changed to fit the new, remote world of work. Our digital profiling tools help workforces learn, adapt and grow

How 2020 Changed Work and Learning Forever

2020 changed the world of work for good, and Jigsaw Discovery has changed with it to help practitioners and client organisations adapt.

The pandemic massively accelerated the move toward hybrid workforces, which may include a high number of employees, working remotely. This switch creates new challenges and changes the nature of others.

Individuals must find new ways of organising their working day and communicating whilst continuing to be effective in their role. Teams and organisation meanwhile must coordinate and collaborate over greater distances, despite more fragmentation than ever before.

Adapting as learning and development professionals

New solutions

Learning and development professionals in particular are challenged with adapting their solutions to deliver experiences that remain engaging, effective and inclusive, despite the challenges of distance.

Jigsaw Discovery have taken this challenge up enthusiastically for our clients and practitioners. We have created new online experiences with the same developmental value and level of engagement as our face-to-face ones. We have taken advantage of the opportunities presented in 2020 to create even more value for our practitioners and end clients by providing them with the choice and flexibility of offering both virtual and in-person learning experiences which are interactive, engaging and effective.

Digital profiling tools

We have worked with our practitioners and clients to create a new digital jigsaw profiling tool, which allows Jigsaw Discovery Experiences to be delivered virtually and still maintain the interactivity and engagement levels of an in-person learning experience. This, along with our ongoing online development, ensures our self-analysis methods and communication tools are every bit as ground-breaking in the remote-working environment as they are in face-to-face circumstances.

Client Testimonials

“So excited to be able to offer this as part of my new online offering! Well done Michelle and the team for once again achieving what I thought was unachievable – an interactive and engaging digital version of the brilliant Jigsaw Discovery Tool!”

Jacqui – Flourishing People

“I had a wee tinker with this- it is really easy to use and I liked the fact you can create a PDF and print the information. I can definitely see how it can create rich discussions and learning in a virtual classroom.”

Gerry - Head of Workforce Development NHS

Q: Can the digital Jigsaw Discovery Profile, be completed prior to learners attending a live virtual Jigsaw learning solution?

  • Yes – there are a number of ways in which a Jigsaw Discovery Certified facilitator can choose to deliver the virtual Jigsaw learning experience.
    As the facilitator of a virtual Jigsaw discovery experience, you can decide whether your learners should complete their digital Jigsaws and behavioural maps outside of the live workshop or if you prefer them to complete their Jigsaw Discovery Profile during your live facilitated workshop. There are a number of factors to consider in making the decision as to when it is appropriate for learners to complete their Jigsaw Discovery profiles prior to attending the workshop. This is one of the subjects discussed during the certification programme.