Leadership Development

Leadership Development


of employees leave their jobs due to poor management

Why Leadership Development matters

The ever-increasing globalisation and organisational complexity over the last decade, has led to new challenges and demands:


  • We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world
  • The needs of our workforce are increasingly diverse as the new generation have very different expectations of their leaders and the organisation’s they work for. Never before have we seen five-generations working alongside one another, which in itself brings added challenges and need for a more flexible and agile leadership approach
  • The pace of change is faster than ever before and with many employees feeling fatigued and burned out as a result of the last few years, building and sustaining agile teams require leaders to develop an empathetic leadership approach
  • Performance and productivity expectations are continually growing and at the same time resources are fewer
  • Leadership is no longer a skill requirement of the C-Suite, leaders are required at all levels of an organisation and require the skills to influence up and across an organisation
Leadership is now more demanding than ever before, with leaders required to engage, inspire and motivate their people to achieve, despite the complexity and uncertainty they often face.
Developing leadership skills and abilities has never been more important as leaders need to be able to make meaningful relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
Many people are promoted to a leadership role, because they are excel in their field of expertise, but that does not necessarily mean they are have the higher levels of self-awareness of an emotionally intelligent leader.

Leading with Colours,
for Leadership Success

Who is it for?

Leading with Colours for Leadership Success is designed for leaders at all levels of an organisation, whether they are experienced leaders who want to understand more about how their actions and behaviours are impacting on the people around them and would like to develop a more agile leadership approach or they are an aspiring leader who would like to learn more about their leadership style and how they can use their behavioural preferences to motivate and inspire their colleagues and team members.

What does it do?

Building on their knowledge of the Jigsaw Discovery Foundation programme, Leaders are provided with a space where they can feel safe to challenge themselves, to reflect on their strengths and leadership preferences, to recognise the impact of their actions upon others, identify key developmental areas and realise the full potential of their personal strengths and leadership style.

How will our leaders benefit?

Leading with Colours enables leaders to be great leaders who:

  • Lead with authenticity by being true to themselves
  • Identify how they can adapt their approach to influence the success of their team and the organisation
  • Flex their leadership style to get the best from others in any situation
  • Understand team members strengths and how they can utilise individual strengths to enhance team performance
  • Build healthy, positive and trusting relationships
  • Develop an inclusive and respectful environment where diversity and differences are valued and celebrated

But the benefits don’t stop with the leaders, great leaders build successful and sustainable organisations which have:

  • Higher levels of productivity and performance
  • Psychological Safety embedded into the organizational culture
  • Increased levels of engagement and wellbeing
  • Reduced levels of absenteeism and presenteeism