Webinar : Making Change Work for Everyone

Making Change work for everyone

Why is change management so hard?

Why do so many change management initiatives fail to successfully achieve the objectives and goals?

There are many reasons why change is so hard, but one major reason is that as human beings our brains are programmed for survival, they prefer the safety of things that are known and certain and will naturally try to move us away from any perceived or potential threat.

But what can leaders do to ensure that the changes they need or would like to make will be effective and achieved the goal?

Again there are lots of things they can do, but one major stumbling block, I see occurring in organisations is that the primary focus is on the thing that needs to change rather than the focus being on the people who will bring about the change.

On the 22nd of April, I am leading a webinar “Making Change Work for Everyone” where we will be discussing how to rethink your change strategy and develop a more individual and person-focused approach. We will be differentiating between the change and transition process and discussing ways of engaging everyone, rather than just the few who are excited by change.

If you are responsible for leading and supporting people to deal with the day to day disruptions, whilst simultaneously having to find a way to manage fundamental changes to where and how they work, this webinar should not be missed.

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