What Makes The Jigsaw Discovery Learning Experience So Sticky?

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One of the reasons why the learning is so sticky is: Curiosity

The curiosity of the learners, as the session begins, there is a mixture of excitement, nervousness, resentment for having to attend and an attitude of “go on then impress me!”

But when the session begins, learners very quickly realise that this is not the same old, same old, training course, and when everyone is given a brightly coloured sealed envelope, you begin to see the intrigue on their faces, all of this is building up to the moment when each learner creates their individual behavioural map. There are no questionnaires and no computer-generated reports, with Jigsaw Discovery learners, are actively engaged throughout.

By the time learners receive their kit bags containing the Jigsaw, they are sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation, it always reminds us of Christmas morning, just before you open your presents. You can feel the excitement of the learners as they can’t wait to open their bags to see what’s inside and the curiosity mounts as they tip their jigsaw pieces out onto the table and begin to create their individual behavioural map.

But the curiosity doesn’t stop there, once each learner has completed their Jigsaw, the intrigue remains, as they begin to explore their behavioural map. Discovering their many qualities and strengths, but most importantly making the learning personal as they share their stories and experiences generating powerful insights, which lead to the creation of new neural pathways and habit formation, as the learners begin to use their new-found knowledge, each and every day.

So why does curiosity help to make the learning stick?

When we are curious, our brains are stimulated by Dopamine, which is a chemical messenger that works on our internal reward systems. Being curious gives us as much of a buzz as having a bar of your favourite chocolate or beating your personal best when out for a run.

From a learning perspective, the really great news is that Dopamine is addictive and by creating curiosity in a learning experience, not only will it be an enjoyable experience, that will fully engage the learner, but they will want to keep coming back for more and more, and more………

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