Great to be back

Seminar in progress at the World of Learning

This week we have been hosting the Mental Wellbeing Zone at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

The Jigsaw Discovery HQ team was joined on the stand by Jigsaw Licensee and Mental Health facilitator Anne-Marie Gawen of Unlock Your Wellbeing. Anne-Marie. It was really great to be back, meeting people face to face, showcasing the Jigsaw Discovery Tool and delivering seminars. Michelle McArthur-Morgan, Founding Partner of Jigsaw Discovery spoke about how changing the way we think about stress, dramatically changes our physiological response to stressful situations, giving us greater access to all of our senses and resources to better manage the situation and build adaptable coping strategies which will lead to increased levels of resilience. Alternating with Michelle’s seminar, Anne-Marie shared her wisdom in her Learn to be Happy- The Science of Happiness talk. As humans, we are often wrong about what actually makes us happy, and we all get lost from time to time….but life is to be enjoyed not endured.

If you would like to know more about how Jigsaw Discovery can help you to be smarter with stress, leave us a message by clicking on the green speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the page

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